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A lot of our customers would like to have a logo, text or drawing engraved or cut out but don't have the right file to have this done professionally. Often they only have a hard copy or a bitmap file.

Contrary to JPGs, Gifs and bmp graphics (bitmap files) vector drawings aren't composed of pixels. Vector drawings are a whole of contours, each of which have an end point and form a whole with other contours which are composed of points, curves and corners. A contour can be a line, a square, a triangle or a random shape.
These combinations of curves can be used to make simple as well as very complex drawings, or contours of various fonts.
The great advantage of that kind of vector drawing is that it can be scaled infinitely without having the least loss of quality. This in contrast to bitmap graphics who'll become unclear (block effect) when they are scaled. A vector graphic can be used everywhere: engraving, printing, publicity. This will guarantee you that the preferred logo, text or graphic will always be 100 % identical.

To make a professional engraving or cut possible, we often have to 'vectorise' the delivered file. Actual-Laser has all the necessary software and know-how at its disposal to create that kind of vectorised files, ready for every order, 100% scalable without the least loss of quality. Below we offer you a selection of possibilities:

Vectorising logos:

Vectorising all sorts of company logos, improving, modifying, making changes, modifying colors, making them ready to be cut out (bridging) and other cnc applications.

Rasterlogo (jpg, bmp, ...) Gevectoriseerd logo (dxf, dwg, eps,...)
Raster bitmap image Vector image

Vectorising technical drawings:

We can digitalize your technical drawing on paper and vectorise it in a way that this drawing can be modified in your CAD system. With this we make following distinction:

  • A 2D drawing can be digitalized and vectorised by us, we'll deliver you a dxf or dwg file afterwards which can be read in the most common CAD systems.
  • A drawing that is drawn in perspective or 3D can also be vectorised by us. This will result in a scalable line drawing yet no 3D model which can be processed into a CAD system. We then deliver a 2D drawing from the delivered projection.

If you don't have a drawing and you don't have the necessary software or know-how to produce that kind of drawing, you can ask us to draw the CAD for you. Please contact us on this free of engagement, we will be happy to give you a fair price.

Vectorising illustrations:

vector vs bitmapWe are able to guarantee you an accurate conversion of bitmaps into vectors at very competitive prices. We don't use an automated software, all our conversions are being done manually (making use of CAD packets of course) guaranteeing you excellent quality in the most common vector formats. Please ask for an offer free of engagement by mail (please send your drawing with the mail).

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