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Laser marking synthetics

engraving synthetics

A wide range of commercialized synthetics can be marked durably, tamper-proof and with high quality with laser.

Because of the high flexibility and the short preparation time, small amounts can also be marked economically.

Typical examples are texts, data-matrix codes or logos. While CO2 laser systems usually make laser work (no contrast), provide YAG resp. fibre lasers contrast.

The dominating laser processes are "colour changing", "frotting" or "carbonising", in which the material removal is minimal.

This means that the mechanical characteristics (mainly solidity) are preserved.

The advantages of laser marking versus the more 'classic' marking technologies are:

  • high marking speed - typical cycle time between 0,2 - 3 seconds
  • durable markings - sunshine resistant, solvents, etc.
  • optimum flexibility
  • contact-less process - contact-less production
  • no additional consumption material for the laser system 

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