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Laser engraving metal

laser engraving anodized aluminiumMarking anodized aluminum or lacquered metal is very easy when using CO2 laser systems. When engraving anodized aluminum the marked surface becomes white, that is why there are very good contrasts with dark eloxal. When engraving lacquered metal, the layer of lacquer is removed revealing the basic metal.

Because without tools CO2 laser systems cannot mark metal (or only in a very limited way) directly, the metal layer remains unaffected. For this application, it is advisable to work a laser system with a small capacity in order to be able to work with fine structures.

When marking metal, separate parts are marked with serial numbers, bar codes, data matrix codes or logos. Marking with laser is very suitable for such kind of tasks, because a permanent, wear-resistant, tamper-proof, thermal and chemical resistant metal marking is being applied to workpieces and installations. Laser marking separates itself in addition by its high production speeds, precision and flexibility.

Anodized aluminum is especially used in the fabrication of nameplates (e.g. type plates) or in advertising (e.g. ball pens or key chains). Anodized aluminum is also often used in the industrial sector.

Laser engraving is very suitable for different kinds of stone, e.g. dark, polished kinds like granite, marble or basalt. The more homogenous and fine-grained the stone, the better are the results. Thanks to their smooth surface, even pebble stones can be etched well with the laser. Laser engraving on stone can be compared to a sort of "matting" of the material; deep engraving work isn't possible, as the laser beam melts the material making the results practically invisible. Best results when engraving stone can be achieved on large surfaces or greyscale images. Dark types of stone (black granite) are being lacquered afterwards creating a beautiful contrast. The laser engravings in stone are indelible and timeless.
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