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What is vectorising ?

Vectorising is the process of converting raster graphics to line drawings. Bitmap images consists of pixels and cannot be enlarged without loss of quality. A line drawing is a drawing consisting of dots that are connected with lines, which may be bend or not. When you move a dot, the line moves along with it. In that way a vector image can be enlarged unlimited times without there being any risk of loss in quality whatsoever. In vector images you can also easily insert changes like: adjusting colors, adapting elements or texts or adding them, etc. If you want to carve, engrave, route and perform other operations on cnc machines, a vector file is absolutely necessary. When it comes to that kind of machinery a bitmap image is totally useless.

What are the advantages of a vector file?

Resolution has no restriction: a vector image has no pixel formation, no loss of detail and can be printed in every resolution.

Size has no restriction: a vector image can be enlarged or reduced limitlessly without any loss in quality.

The image can easily be adapted or altered: all elements in a vector image like color, forms, texts, etc. can easily be adjusted.

Who can make use of our services?

Iedereen kan van onze diensten gebruik maken, zowel privé personen als bedrijven. Vectoriseren is vooral interessant voor bedrijven die veel met grafische bestanden omgaan zoals: lasersnijbedrijven, drukkerijen, beletteraars, graveurs, reclamebureau's, enz.

Which file formats / types of files can I supply ?

To vectorise you can supply all common bitmap formats such as:


You may also send word- excel- pps- or pdf documents containing the bitmaps.

You may also send us a scanned logo (resolution min. 300dpi). If your logo is on your website you may send us the link of the website as well (url).

Can I supply an image on paper?

That's possible. In that case, we prefer an image as large and sharp as possible (max A4). It may also be a trade card or the heading of your stationery. You may also send us a scanned logo (resolution min. 300dpi). If your logo is on your website you may send us the link of the website as well (url).

How do I pay ?

After placing an order and agreeing to the price and execution, you'll receive a payment order. For the moment, you can only pay by bank transfer, with online banking, which goes very quickly. The vector files can be sent immediately from the moment we receive confirmation of your payment.

Can I see the vectorised result before I pay ?

If this is what you want, we could send you an example of a vectorised file in GIF or JPG format.

How long should I wait for my file after payment ?

Your vector files will be sent immediately after we have received confirmation of your payment, by banking online this can go very quickly.

Which are the available vector formats?

Normally we supply your vector file in DXF or DWG format, when you prefer another format, please state this in your demand.

We can supply following vector files:

  • EPS - Encapsulated Postscript
  • CDR - Corel Draw
  • AI - Adobe Illustrator
  • WMF - Windows Metafile
  • EMF - Enhanced Windows Metafile
  • CMX - Corel Presentation Exchange
  • DXF - Autocad
  • DWG - Autocad
  • other vector formats on demand


The costs of vectorising bitmap files depend mainly on the complexity. When you are sending us the file by e-mail, post or fax, we shall as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours) evaluate this (complexity and work time) and make you an offer by post. It goes without saying that this offer is entirely free of engagement.

Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the size of your order. When vectorising simple bitmaps, it's usually possible within 24 hours (or to be agreed upon). Vectorising complex orders could take up a couple of days. When dealing with larger orders, we can come to a mutual agreement.


We only send the vector files when they are fully paid. For the moment we only accept payment by transfer. Only when the money has been deposited into our account, the files will be sent to you. When you would like an invoice, we could send this digitally (pdf format) or by fax.

My question doesn't feature the FAQ

When your question isn't part of the FAQ, you can mail it to us and we shall answer you as soon as possible. 

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