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What is laser engraving ?

  • Laser engraving is engraving all sorts of materials by means of a bundled light beam. The great advantage with laser engraving is that there isn't any physical contact between the machine and the material. A mechanical part shooting out or getting stuck isn't possible. The so-called 'non-contact engraving' has as advantage that there cannot occur any damage between machine and material.
  • As there's no direct contact with the piece (only the laser beam makes contact) the pieces that need to be engraved don't have to be jammed in, which benefits the work speed.
  • Another great advantage of laser engraving is the vast diversity of materials that can be engraved. The most commonly used materials are: rust-free steel, acrylic resins, synthetics, rubber, wood, glass (also glass work), mirrors, ...
  • By adjusting the light beam in 256 steps, images can be portrayed in as many shades of grey. This creates the unique possibility to depict photographs on various materials.
  • Laser prints are indelible.
  • Laser prints are very precise, which enables us to engrave photos perfectly in various materials such as stainless steel, wood, mirrors, granite and acrylate plexi.
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