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Installing mailboxes with 'Bobi Link' supports

To install you need: a drill of 6 mm made of hardened steel, measuring tapes and a spade to dig the hole. The hole is filled with concrete for a safe and secure installation.

There are 2 pre-punched holes on both sides of the mailbox.

Use a drill of 6mm made from hardened steel.

... drill the hole at low speed (max 500 rpm).

Dig a hole of approximately 40 cm x 40 cm (width x depth)

Install the mailboxes ...

... using the included installation material.

Put the mailboxes upright.

Verify the correct height ...

... and if they are perfectly vertical. You should check this using a spirit level.

bobi brievenbus gratis gravure klep

Now you can fill the hole with concrete.

Actual-Laser engraves your name and house number in your BOBI mailbox for FREE !

Please make note of your key code (so you can reorder keys when they are lost).

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