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Files for laser cutting

Drawings used for laser cutting are best created with a professional cad program. The output file must support the extensions .dxf and/or .dwg. In some dtp programs (corel draw, adobe illustrator,...) .dxf and/or .dwg files can also be created but these drawings can only be accepted in case they are fully vectorised. Below, we explain quickly how a correct .dxf and/or .dwg file must look like.

  • CAD ontwerpenThe .dxf or .dwg drawing must always be delivered on a 1:1 scale (drawn at real size)
  • The .dxf or .dwg drawing must completely consist of lines, arcs or arc sections and must be completely closed.
  • Only deliver the contours that has to be cut in the .dxf or .dwg file
  • Remove in  your .dxf or .dwg file all dimensioning, setting rules or heart lines making sure that only the contour that has to be cut remains.
  • Try to make use w .dxf of .dwg file of radii on the corners as much as possible (0.1 x gauge of plate)
  • Make sure there are no 'blocks' in your dxf of .dwg file  (blocks are clustered lines in a drawing program). These won't be recognized by the laser software and therefore will not be cut.
  • There mustn't be any open contours in the .dxf or .dwg file.
  • Dxf or .dwg files may not contain double contours, otherwise those would be cut twice in the cutting process.
  • If there should be tap holes in the drawing, drill diameters should be drawn.
  • Deliver the .dxf or .dwg files as 'mono' files (one part per file, no grouped drawing).
  • Draw tolerated holes and cut-aways up to the scale you prefer in reality.

Doesn't this make any sense to you ? No problem, you can always contact us for more information. In case you aren't capable to deliver such drawing, we can also draw the wanted drawing for you. Deliver us a sketch on paper and we'll take care of the drawing as soon as possible and at a fair price. We have all the software and know-how to do this at our disposal.

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