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  • General information
  • How to deliver files?
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Files for CNC engraving

If you want to deliver a digital file yourself, the file must meet the specifications mentioned below. If you are not capable to deliver such kind of file, we can create one for you. For this, we have all the necessary technology and know-have at our disposal. Contact us for an offer free of engagement.  

  • Fonts: all used texts must be converted into vectors. For example: select the text, search for convert texts into vectors in the pull-down menu 'text' or convert text into curves. You may also send the type of font along with the file.

  • Line drawings: All used drawings as line drawing without outlining. Example: Select the preferred drawing,  search path in the pull-down menu 'object' > path outline.

  • Colors: Specify colors with the RAL color card. Example: Search in window for 'Sample library', select PANTONE Coated, choose your colors here. PAY ATTENTION! screen colors and RAL colors deviate. The use of a RAL color card is more than recommendable.

  • Print example: always send a printed example along with the file (or pdf file)

  • Preferable files:

    Adobe Illustrator files
    Adobe EPS files
    Corel Draw files

  • Example files: Adobe Acrobat (pdf). Internet files such as gif, and jpeg can't be used for CNC engraving


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