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What is CNC engraving ?

cnc engraving machine close-up
cnc engraving drill/milling bits

CNC engraving means computer-controlled engraving. In this process a text, logo or drawing that has to be engraved is sent from a computer to a milling machine which converts the digital information to engraving motions. By means of milling this information is engraved into the material in the required depth (or multiple depths). This process can be applied to different materials and used for different applications.

Some examples:

  • All engraving materials, synthetics and ferro and non-ferro.
  • Other synthetics such as e.g. Plexiglass, PVC, Resopal, Trespa, etc.
  • Metals, Steel, rust-free steel, Brass, Aluminum, etc.
  • Glass, glasses (round engraving), mirrors, ceramics.
  • Wood, Trespa, etc.

A list of applications:

  • Stamps, show through stamps, moulds
  • Nameplates, doorbells, road signs, promotional gifts, give-aways
  • Coding, (up)numbering of products, safety-indications.
  • Indicator plates for electrotechnology, machines, badges, etc
  • Logos, if necessary processed in functional applications.
  • Promotional gifts, many possibilities such as e.g. pens, glasses.
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