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Installing mailbox lids

pic 1 galaxy-brievenbusklep-draadbussen  

You received stainless steel threaded rods along with your order. In order to drill the lid you need a (stone) drill with a diameter of the rods and installation glue. This installation glue comes from different manufacturers and is available in every DIY-store. We recommend the brand TEC-7. You can buy the glue in different colors or in a transparent version. To apply this glue you need a silicone spray-gun.

To facilitate the installation of the lid you will need a piece of cardboard as well that is a bit larger than the lid.

How do you proceed?:
  • Turn the threaded rods (pic 2) in the thread busses (pic 1) which you can find on the back of your mailbox lid.
  • Turn the threaded rods completely in the threaded sleeves. The result must resemble picture 3.
  • Put the lid upside down on the workbench (the threaded rods facing up), preferably on a soft sheet to avoid scratching the lid.
  • Push the piece of carton over the threaded rods.
  • Turn the lid over (with the piece of cardboard still over the threaded rods and draw with a pencil the contours of the lid over the piece of cardboard.
  • Remember to take into account the norms of the post (in Belgium) for the position of your mail slot.
  • Make sure the hole is large enough to fit the entire flap and spring mechanism. Draw the contours of the mechanism on the carton as well to verify this.
  • Slide the piece of cardboard over the threaded rods.
  • The piece of cardboard now functions as drilling jig.
  • Place the piece of cardboard against the wall where you want to attach your lid. Adhere it with tape if necessary, check with a level whether the contours are upright.
  • Drill the holes right through the drilling jig.
  • Vacuum the holes (or blow the dust out of the holes with a straw).
  • Spray a little installation glue in every drilled hole.
  • Push the lid with the threaded rods in the holes up to the threaded sleeves.
  • Let the glue cure for 24 hours.
  • Clean the lid with soapsuds.
pic 2 draadstang.jpg

pic 3 draadmetstang.jpg

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