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Doorbell installation

  • At the back of the bell plate you'll find at least two threaded sleeves and a connection part of the bell contacts (fig 1).
  • Measure carefully the distance between the threaded rods and the part for pushing the bell. Make, if necessary, a tiny sketch on a piece of cardboard.
  • Draw the position of the threaded sleeves and the middle of the bell button accurately on the spot where you want to place the bell button. In case you have made a mould in the cardboard you can stick this to the place where you will put the bell button.
  • Make a hole where the bell button is going to be. This hole must have a diameter of 26 mm (you must cut this out of stone with the most care). Make sure not to damage the connection wire of the bell in case there is one is.
  • Drill with a (stone)drill Ø6 mm about six cm deep there where the threaded sleeves will be placed in the wall (the purpose of these sleeves is to keep the bell perfectly in place prohibiting it from rotating).
  • Vacuum the holes or blow out the dust with a straw (be careful for the eyes).
  • Screw the stainless steel threaded rods (fig. 2) in the threaded sleeves (fig 3) at the back of the bell (fig 4).
  • Spray a tiny bit of neutral silicone or installation glue (TEC 7) in the holes you just drilled. Make sure that not too much glue creeps out of the drilled hole.
  • Connect the two contact wires of the bell to the provided bell contacts (fig. 1). Push the bell button with the threaded rods in the drilled holes until it's completely inside.
  • Check with the level whether your bell is hanging perfectly as well horizontally as vertically. Go 5 steps back and admire your new door bell, push three times on the bell button so everyone in the house can come and compliment you for doing such a skilled job.
bel zonder tigesFig 1.
tige.jpgFig 2.
patzondertige.jpgFig 3.
patmettige.jpgFig 4.
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