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Actual-Laser bvba - Engraving solutions

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Custom nameplates in stainless steel and plexiglass.
Laser engraving and laser cutting
Custom work for industrial use
CNC engraving
Doorbells in brushed stainless steel and Plexiglas


Nameplate laser-cut and engraved

Nameplates at the entrance to your home or business make it easier for the postman or visitors to find you but it also gives an elegant feel to the building ... read more


Deurbel diepgegraveerd

Doorbells in stainless steel have a very long service life. Moreover, you can customise your doorbell at Actual-Laser with your name, house number or even your company logo by laser engraving ... read more

House numbers

Huisnummer lasergesneden

Are you looking for modern stainless steel house numbers? At Actual-Laser we have a wide range laser-cut and engraved numbers in different styles, fonts and sizes ... read more

Laser engraving

Laser engraved wood

Besides manufacturing are own nameplates, doorbells and house numbers in stainless steel, you can always rely on us for all kind of custom-sized work in various materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and plexiglass. Laser-cut, laser engraved and deeply engraved (CNC work is our speciality.

Laser cutting

Industrial stainless steel front plate

Laser cutting is a thermal process which allows as to cut materials with a gauge of 0.5 up to 20 mm very precisely. The minimal heat input from the laser makes the deformation of the material almost negligible and allows us to cut very complex shapes.

CNC engraving

CNC engraved engine cover

CNC deep engraving (or milling) is possible in a variety of materials: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, synthetics, wood, MDF, ... In addition to our own range of products we also carry out complete projects from design to final realization, tailored to your needs.

Private Use

Butterflies in steel - home decoration

For personal use you can turn to Actual-Laser for engraving or cutting solutions in all kinds of materials. We can do the CAD drawing work for you or you can choose to supply us with your own technical drawings. The fabrication of single pieces as well as larger series of products is possible. We guarantee fair prices and correct delivery schedules.

Industrial Use

Industrial engraved signs

By using laser engraving machines which are very precise (CO², YAG and Galvo-lasers) we are able to engrave a wide range of materials, such as metals as well as synthetics, leather, stone and wood. In addition to engraving, we can also do other operations such as laser cutting, folding, blanking, welding, ...

Public Services

Stainless steel signalisation building

The possibility to manufacture and combine different materials allows us to produce contemporary artwork, inauguration plates and various custom-sized work for public services. The total concept we like to offer you includes both design and final realization of your project. We often collaborate with designers, architects and artists.

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